Japan! Shinagawa Aquarium

Last week (? I think? It blurs together) we went out to Shinagawa (pronounced shin-A-gawa, not shin-a-GA-wa) to the aquarium. It’s located in a beautiful park, and we had a great time. I will warn  you now that there are a billion pictures in this post. Proceed with caution.

A shot of the park.

A cool grasshopper we found.

Teeny octopus!

Sea turtle! My favorite! Between him and the octopi I was very happy.

Huge hermit crab!

The aquarium has a dolphin show, which we watched twice. The dolphins swim free in the tank throughout the day, but both times when the person came out to announce and talk about dolphins, the two dolphins would swim up behind them and either stick its tail into the air or “grin” at the audience, and then they would trade places. They didn’t do it any other time- it was pretty hilarious.

Watching the dolphins jump.

Magellan penguins.

Elephant-nose fish. They could easily be called hummingbird fish.

Piranha. They looked like they were covered in glitter.

Giant octopus!! (I won’t tell you how many pictures I took of him, but it was a lot.)

A nautilus. EDIT- I just noticed that there are two in there. Is that nautili?

Awesome weird water lizard things.

Are you ready for lots of jellyfish? Some you’ve probably never seen before? Are you sure?

What? No, of course you’ve seen those before. But how about these?

Or these?

My sea turtle friend.

Some more pictures from the park:

Best sign I’ve seen yet:

And now to end, something to haunt your dreams:


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