Cavalia horses

We got the extraordinary opportunity to go see the Cavalia horses today. Cavalia is a Cirque de Soleil show (you can see videos here: that’s centered around horses. The show starts next week, and today was the day that the horses arrived in San Jose. My beloved friend Valerie had a media pass to attend the press junket they were holding, so the girls and I got to accompany her and her girls. She didn’t have a camera, so I was her photographer.


The show is about the evolving relationship between humans and horses, and the walk way is paneled with beautiful photographs.

The girls, in front of the tents.

After much anticipation, the truck arrived!

Zoe’s face as the first horse came out:

She was so excited she couldn’t even talk.  The riders brought out their horses to show everyone.

Each horse had cushioning on their legs, and covers over their tails so that they didn’t accidentally step on or pull out their tails while in the trucks.

Such a lovely mane!

Tiny comparing cowgirl boots with one of the riders.


Then we got to watch an exhibition!

Zoe watching the performance.

After the performance, we got to wander the stables, and the girls got to chat with some horses.

Much to Z’s surprise (and delight), this one tried to talk back.

Aren’t his braids lovely?

Tiny was infatuated with the miniature horse, and not surprisingly wanted to bring him home. She’s decided that her closet can be a stable.

It was such a wonderful adventure, and we all had a most marvelous time. Thank you so much to Valerie for making it possible!

3 thoughts on “Cavalia horses

  1. Cindy on

    What an amazing and unique experience! Horses are so beautiful but I have to admit that I’m a bit intimidated by them! Oh my, how those beautiful girls have grown up since I’ve seen a picture of them! Gorgeous girls!

  2. I LOVE the image of the white horses mane!

    I bet the girls played for hours in imaginary horse games! What a special day!!! =)

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