Some more pictures

It’s been kind of a busy week.

Tiny started dance class with two of her besties. I had no idea that three three year olds with tap shoes and sticks could make the noise equivalent of 75 kids. It was amazing.

Z started gymnastics with two of her besties. (Only one is in the picture, I don’t know that other little girl. But I’m sure she’s very nice.) She had a great time until she fell and bit her lip, but we got her cleaned up and back out again and then she liked it again.

The girls are collecting acorns. This was Z’s science journal page where she drew the acorns she found. And she just did it by herself today (Saturday), so it wasn’t even for school. But we’ll go ahead and use it for school.

I’m starting a new project to fancy up the girls’ room. They’ve become passionate about “The Eiffel Tower of Paris” . (in our house it’s always referred to that way, as though there were more than one in other places around the world. I think we have Little Einsteins to thank for that.) So I’m making them a banner out of the top two fabrics, then beanbag poof kinds of things out of the 4 bottom fabrics- the pink for Tiny and the blue for Z.

I also picked up all this awesome fabric at a sale and now have to decide what to do with it.

I found all of these satin strips in rainbow colors, and knew that they were destined to be used in our preschool. But how? Any ideas?

That’s all the pictures I have. I’d put a picture of Macbeth, since I read it, but that would be boring, and I don’t have one. But it was good- I somehow got through taking 3 (4?) Shakespeare classes in college and never being assigned to read it, so I figured it was high time. I’d like to see it performed, it’s definitely a meaty one for the actors. Very sad though. I love those stories that make you think about destiny and agency- would Macbeth have done what he did if he hadn’t been nudged along by the witches? Maybe?

Anyway, Tiny wants a glass of milk and it’s time to think about dinner. I think we’re going to have turkey, bacon, avocado wraps. That sounds good to me.

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  1. The dance class is darling! Those sweeties are sooo cute in their little shoes and dance outfits! I love the Parisian themed fabric. I can’t wait to see what you so with it!

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