At this moment

It’s 6:07.

It’s lightly raining outside. It’s been kind of threatening to rain all day, but mother nature was kind and didn’t dump it on us when we walked over to the Farmer’s Market, or when we went out to get new helmets for the girls (their heads are HUGE! We measured- they both have the same size head, and they measure 1 inch smaller than mine. Either my head is small, or theirs are big!) or when they rode their bikes delightedly on our street. Tiny has finally figured out how to pedal her trike, so I just got to sit on the driveway and peruse pinterest while they rode.

I’m tired. I went on a bit of an organizing binge today- I sorted through and organized all my fabric (it looks so pretty now!) and now I have a bunch of projects I want to do. I need to finish Z’s quilt first though, I’m hoping to get it done before her birthday. I took some time from it to make a quilt just for me, but now I have to get back to it. Here’s the one I just finished.


I’ve been wanting to make a quilt of just big squares for a while, and every time I’ve tried I’ve talked myself into something else. But I got this layer cake and had to do it. It’s about 60×70, the perfect size to lay under on the couch.

The girls are playing nursery. Z is the primary leader, and Tiny is the nursery leader. It’s kind of funny.

Speaking of which, there’s a change coming soon in my life, but I don’t know what it is. I thought I had a pretty good idea, then B brought up an option I hadn’t even thought of, and now I’m really not sure and dying until tomorrow when I find out.

I get to teach Gospel Doctrine tomorrow, which I’m excited about. The lesson is about hypocrisy, and it has some really thought provoking prompts, which is always good.

Also thought provoking is this post, which totally kicked me in the face.  Total game changer, that one.

The two minutes I just gave the girls before pj time are now up. I’ll be back in a minute.

And I’m back.

In case you’re wondering, it is now 7:22, which means that a minute equals roughly 45 minutes.

We’re reading James and the Giant Peach again, which makes me happy. Z remembers bits of it; for all intents and purposes it’s Tiny’s first time through. I remember my mom reading it to us, intending to read one chapter and not being able to stop- and in fact this time through my mom started it with them (when we went to see Prince) and made it to chapter 12 before they fell asleep. 🙂

And speaking of Prince- we went to see Prince again. And he was a genius, as per usual. This time, however, he had a bonus- beside his 3 regular backup singers (who are DIVAS in the best possible sense) – he had “the twins”. Two tiny,  gorgeous, insanely talented girls who danced, shimmied, played trumpet and guitar, and wore the skimpiest of skimp (not the whole time, just when appropriate). Any time they were on stage I couldn’t take my eyes off them, and that’s saying something, seeing as Prince was right there next to them. I would have taken copious pictures to document their greatness, but the ushers had a serious hate on against cameras and phones of any kind, so the only picture I got was this one, which shows how close our seats were to the stage.

We were in row 11, which translated to about 5 rows from the stage. Insanely excellent seats, and we were SO close to him at moments. The man is an incredibly good performer, and so dang charismatic.  I’ve been looking high and low for a video with the twins and can’t find one, but here’s one of him from one of his nights at the Forum so you can see him for yourself. Oh wait, this one kind of shows them, (they’re the ones with the huge trumpet things) but it’s from far away. That’s because, as I said, all of the ushers up close were being super crazy about recording devices of any kind. (This is from the show we went to.) This one has some of them at the beginning. But anyway, it was fantastic, and I’m so glad we went.

We saw True Grit the other night and I thought it was excellent- not an extra line in the thing. Lean and tight and fantastic. Excellent acting by everyone.

The season opener of So You Think You Can Dance has me excited, there were some excellent dancers, and I have spoilers that a couple of my favorites made it through to the end of Vegas, so hopefully they make it onto the show. I love that show.

And now I’ve gotten sucked into random YouTube videos, so I will spare you them and go waste time on my own. 🙂

What’s happening with you at this moment?

2 thoughts on “At this moment

  1. Cindy on

    Right now I’m reading my cute niece’s blog before I go to work! I love your scrappy quilt! I swear they’re the best kind. I’ve been sewing up a storm and starting next week can show you what I’ve been doing. I’ll be showing you my friends quilt store I’ve been sewing for. You’re such a good mom and truly an amazing one as well! I love that you take the time to read to these girls so much! Can’t wait to hear the changes in your life next week!

  2. Brandy on

    Currently I’m watching a documentary on History Channel called “America The Story of Us” which is elementary school level history done real well (you know, just the highlights of an English colonies-centric version of America, no Spanish or French, very little Indians or Africans). It really is excellent. Yesterday we (mainly Joey) put up a ceiling fan, and now my upper back is ouchie but I’m very cool as I type this 🙂

    Love you dear!

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