Things I don’t do

I’m a girl of many interests. If you were feeling generous you might term me a Renaissance Woman, or if you were being realistic it would be “she of the short attention span”.  Regardless, I’ve dabbled in quite a number of things, and that has caused at least three people to ask me in the last couple of weeks if there is “anything you don’t do”.

The answer of course is yes- everyone has their priorities and interests, and there are things I wish I could do that I don’t have time for, and others that I don’t care that I don’t do.

But here, because I think it would be fun, is a list of things I don’t do (in no particular order):


Make my own bread

Cook instinctively (I must have a recipe- I did not inherit this gene from my Grandma or Dad.)

Freestyle rap

Train for or run marathons, triathalons, or any other “thons”

Knit (I can do it, I just don’t.)









Play, watch, or care about sports of any kind

That’s the short list- I’m sure there are more. What don’t you do?






3 thoughts on “Things I don’t do

  1. I can’t get a job for my husband.
    I can’t deal wtih uncertainty.
    I can’t bind quilts.
    The end.

  2. Mary on

    Darn it! I was really hoping we could get you to teach our AD girls how to freestyle rap. 🙂

    There is a TON of stuff I don’t do. Here are a few that I wish I did right now but for one reason or another I don’t:
    – Run
    – Crochet
    – Sew (ok, well I’m working on this one but I still don’t claim I can “sew things” yet.
    – Play the cello
    – Sail boats
    – Do gymnastics

  3. Pam on

    I don’t scrapbook, and I don’t do my hair, I really ought to though, my hair, not the scrapbooking. Oh, and I don’t put comma’s in their rightful places.

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