Uberlist 2011

Oh yes, it’s that time again. Time for the vision, time for the madness.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I copy and paste from last year’s entry:

Yet again I have braved the madness of creating an Uberlist. An idea stolen from a friend of a friend, it consists of coming up with a to-do list for the coming year, containing the same number of items as the year it is.  (When it began in 1998 or so, there would have been 98 items on the list. This year there are 111.)  It’s brash and bold and I love it.  To quote whoever it was I stole the idea from:

“I think I only accomplish about 30% of the list in any given year (one year, I didn’t finish MAKING THE LIST) and generally by June there are a good 10 items that are no longer applicable or even desireable, but it’s a fun thing to have nonetheless, and it keeps me focused for the first few months of the year. Then I forget all about it until about, oh, say, NOVEMBER, at which point I scramble about trying to remember where I put last year’s list.”

This year I completed 63% of my list, which is pretty dang amazing. Last year I did 49%, which means either I was more productive this year, or I got better at salting the list with things I knew I’d do anyway. Don’t judge me! 🙂

So here’s this year’s list, with a couple of things edited because they concern gifts for people who read this blog.


  1. Read 50 books
  2. Re-read a childhood favorite (Little Women)
  3. Read bio of Pres. Monson
  4. Read 5 education/child development books
  5. Reread Charlotte Mason companion
  6. Read 5 Shakespeare plays
  7. Read a book/author I’ve always meant to try (100 years of solitude?)
  8. Read a volume from a poet I’ve never tried
  9. Participate in book club
  10. Local attractions

  11. Go to Winchester Mystery House
  12. Go to aquarium
  13. Go to Oakland zoo
  14. Go to SF zoo
  15. Go to sky high
  16. Go to beach
  17. Trips

  18. Go on 4 overnight trips with B
  19. Visit Karen & Bruce
  20. Go to the snow
  21. Go camping
  22. Go to Disneyland
  23. Spirituality

  24. In depth study of Book of Mormon
  25. Read lessons for Sunday ahead of time
  26. Fast purposefully each month
  27. Study temperance
  28. Go to temple
  29. Meditate 5 minutes a day for a month
  30. Keep gratitude journal
  31. Memorize 12 scriptures
  32. Memorize 12 new hymns
  33. Service

  34. Work on Family History
  35. Make standing appts for visiting teaching
  36. Volunteer to help with activities
  37. Teach Rachel to sew
  38. Make something for ****
  39. Personal development/education

  40. Meet a new sister each week
  41. Go to enrichment each month
  42. Write thank you notes
  43. Use Rosetta stone to review Spanish
  44. Get sketchbook and draw nature
  45. Take a dance class
  46. Revisit priorities once a month
  47. Paint a decent picture
  48. Look into piano lessons
  49. Get CPR certified
  50. Invite 3 couples over
  51. Get some new clothes
  52. Leisure

  53. Go to tea with Liz
  54. Go to a musical
  55. Go to a play
  56. Have date night once a month
  57. Try new music
  58. Get a manicure
  59. Get a massage
  60. Home

  61. Purge craft closet
  62. Purge girls’ books
  63. Purge kitchen
  64. Purge game/coat closet
  65. Purge storage
  66. Get new plants
  67. Get carpets cleaned
  68. Finalize housing options
  69. Get 72 hr kits stocked
  70. Super clean apartment
  71. Writing

  72. Finish draft of Mystery’s End
  73. Submit it to publisher
  74. Do Nanowrimo
  75. Research Who Made the Monsters
  76. Post weekly to the girls’ blogs
  77. Health

  78. Go to dr.
  79. Get new toothbrush
  80. Go to dentist
  81. Figure out time to workout
  82. Do it consistently for 6 months
  83. Order Jillian DVD
  84. Figure out what I should be eating and do it
  85. Start running
  86. Homemaking skills

  87. Try 12 new recipes
  88. Come up with food budget and stick to it
  89. Revisit cleaning schedule
  90. Make jam
  91. Learn embroidery
  92. Entrepreneur endeavors

  93. Take pictures for Etsy
  94. Post 3 items
  95. Make banner for site
  96. Send out link for site
  97. Creativity

  98. Make 5 items from Wee Wonderfuls book
  99. Make 5 items from Fleece animals book
  100. Make quilt (30’s repro)
  101. Make tumbler quilt
  102. Make Z’s Cars quilt
  103. Make felt board globe
  104. Make Tiny’s birthday book
  105. Make king sized bedspread
  106. Make shutterfly books for girls
  107. Make Christmas quilt for ****
  108. Make The Year You Saved Christmas books
  109. Get Bird book illustrated
  110. Get bird book printed
  111. Girls’ Education

  112. Order Math-U-See
  113. Get info on Ocean Grove
  114. Get signed up
  115. Determine curriculum
  116. Determine schedule
  117. Figure out preschool for Tiny
  118. Figure out adventure/trip days
  119. Get girls outside – figure out nature time
  120. Regular and effective FHE
  121. Get art cards
  122. Teach girls primary songs
  123. Figure out assessment and tracking system
  124. Look into Daisy Girl Scouting for Z

2 thoughts on “Uberlist 2011

  1. a. Go to girls night. 🙂
    b. Buy a house on Hilarys’ street.
    Did you forget those?

  2. Cousin Kim on

    What an impressive list. I hope you get 55% done this year. I am shooting for 33% of my list. I sure do love the anticipation these lists generate at the start of a whole new year. Good luck.

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