Tis the season

A little bit of what’s been going on around here.

Some crafting:

An elf came to live at our house:

This is Peter Pan, our house elf, I mean, Elf on a Shelf. B’s parents sent him a couple of years ago, and the girls LOVE him. This is when Z found him on Dec. 1, and then her explaining all about him to Tiny.

They have been enjoying him every day.

And our Christmas tree is up, with all its attendant birdies.

and the new bird for this year:

I loves me my birdies. Should you like to know, all of the ornaments on the tree are silver, except for one orange ball (to symbolize it not going dark for the Nephites on the night Christ was born), and the girls’ ornaments. They get one each year from Peter Pan that has to do with something they like that year. (This year Tiny will be getting a panda, and Z will get a zebra.) And then there’s the birds – about 25 of them.

Now it’s time to go clean the house- more to come!

3 thoughts on “Tis the season

  1. Cindy on

    I have a collection of ornaments that symbolize each of my kids too and we added to it each year for many, many years. Last year I got an “S” that looks like a sugar cookie for Savannah. This year I got a “B” for Bailee. I wasn’t going to do it for grandbabies but I just couldn’t help myself, lol! I may have started something I can’t finish.

    I love the elf. I’ve heard of him and people who do him as he watches if you’re good or naughty. I think it’s a fun idea!

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