At this moment

It is hot in my house. I have the doors open, trying to get a breeze through, since it’s not too bad outside. We’ll see.

Even thought it’s hot, there is water boiling on the stove for some lemon tea. I read to the girls for a solid hour and a half tonight, and my throat is going to die. So lemon tea it is. I even have honey from local bees to put in it. (Hooray for the produce stand!)

The girls are in bed. Hopefully they stay there. I’m bribing Z with being able to finally wear panties to bed instead of a pull up if she can go to sleep in her room and stay in there until she falls asleep. Well, and then stay in there when she’s asleep. 🙂 We’ve only just started having the girls go to sleep in the same room, and Z would come out multiple times in the 10 minutes after they got in bed to inform us that Tiny was talking. Tonight she only came out once, for a hug.  But she has to stay put on 7 nights, and so this one doesn’t count. I know, I’m a meanie.

The house is pretty decently clean. I think the time right after the girls go to bed, right after I’ve done the last general pick-up of the evening, is one of my favorite times of day. Order is somewhat restored, and won’t be disturbed until the morning. It’s like resetting the stage for the next performance.

I’m listening to a Tchaikovsky concerto. Amazon had a $5 deal on certain CDs today, and The 99 Most Essential Tchaikovsky Masterpieces was one of them. So I bought it. I’m still unclear as to why they didn’t just go for a whole 100 – could they not find another they deemed “essential”? But anyway. I also got the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, which is just so lovely.  Zoe really wanted me to get Shakira (I was listening to a sample and she piped up, “This music is GREAT, mama!” I think she liked her growly voice and that it was fast.) But the last thing I need is Z running around singing that her hips don’t lie. Seriously, the girl has a memory for lyrics like a steel trap. Although she also has her auntie’s uncanny ability to completely mishear lyrics which, we recently discovered, had her (Zoe, not my sister) convinced that Ghostbusters was a scary song – because she thought it was “Ghost Monsters”. HAHAHAHAHA, I just remembered, the other day we were in the car (after she knew what the right words are) and she heard, “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” and said, “Momma, they really should say to call the police or the fireman or somebody.” I love it. 🙂

I have a 25 lb bag of pinto beans sitting on my kitchen floor, waiting to be divvied up into small bags, so that they can be distributed to lovely ladies who want to make them into bean bags. Well, put them inside bean bags. I also have fabric, which they will, in fact, use to make the bean bags. And I have receipts which miraculously total just around the amount said women paid to make the bean bags, even though I totally miscalculated the amount. Costco saved the day. Should you need mass amounts of dry pinto beans, they’re your store. 25 lbs for $13. Woo hoo!

I am drinking my tea. It is lovely and of good report. Praiseworthy, even. My throat feels much better.

I’m going to go watch Company, starring Raul Esparza, on Netflix on demand. I LOVE that guy. I could listen to him sing all day. I could listen to him sing the phone book, for goodness sake, as long as he had an arrangement that let him get up all high and vibrato-y.  Want to listen? Here’s him singing   Being Alive from Company. It’s well worth your time. He’s a genius, singing a genius’ work. Goodness, I LOVE it. I’m going to go watch now.

What’s going on with you at this moment?

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  1. I didn’t even THINK of Costco. I am fired. God found a way. He is much smarter than I. So I hear. 🙂

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