Burn the Floor!

My sister and I got to go see Burn the Floor on Saturday, and my goodness, it was awesome. During the performance, I learned some things, which I will share with you now.

1. Pasha really is the gold standard when it comes to men’s ballroom. It was a little difficult to tell who people were on stage, but I could tell the instant he came out because he just holds his body in a certain way – his posture is ALWAYS on. And his arms are always exactly where they’re supposed to be. We’re talking exactly, every single time. You can tell that he was trained in Russia and they probably smacked him around if he got it wrong. The other male dancers were awesome, but his technique blew them out of the water.

2. No female should get on the stage with Anya. She’s so amazingly sexy that it’s kind of embarrassing for anyone else. Your eye just gravitates to her. And it’s not because she’s trying (take note, Ashleigh), I think it’s precisely because she’s NOT trying. And because she’s just so dang good at what she does, and she enjoys it so much.  ALTHOUGH, and this is a big although, I have to give Miss Anya huge credit, because she totally pulled it back when Mary Murphy was on the stage with her. There was a noticeable difference in the amount of wattage she was giving off. I thought it was very sweet.

Check out Anya and Pasha doing their thing:

History Repeating

The Dirty Boogie

3. The rumba is NOT improved by adding 4 men and a blindfold. But don’t take MY word for it.

Stupid Rumba

4. The rumba IS improved (not surprisingly) by the addition of Anya and Pasha.

Actually a good rumba (That’s kind of an oxymoron, but what can you do?)

5. On the other hand, the quickstep IS improved by adding 3 girls. (Who knew?)

6. When you have Anya and Pasha in the cast, having Ryan and Ashleigh do the Paso instead is kind of mean. Well, really, having ANYONE else do it is kind of mean. But you’re kind of stuck, because if you have them do the Paso along side anyone else, the other people are going to look bad, and if you don’t have them do the Paso, everyone is going to be comparing the performance to what P&A would have done.  And I understand that they couldn’t do the Paso because their rumba was directly after it, but I’d take them doing Paso over rumba any day. I’d take almost anything over rumba any day.

7.My opinion of Ashleigh hasn’t changed. I’m not going to put anything else about her because I have a deep seated fear that she might somehow stumble onto this blog and read this, and I’m sure she’s a nice person and I’d feel awful.  So if you want more details, talk to me.

8. Karen from SYTYCD season 6 is captivating in person. If you don’t remember her (I didn’t to begin with), watch this. She’s the one that’s not Ashleigh. Or, if you don’t know Ashleigh, Karen’s the one in black. It wasn’t until the end of the show that we figured out who she was, but the whole time we kept being drawn back to her. She really was a standout.

9. I need more salsa, samba, cha cha music in my life. I really do.

10. Nothing beats a stage full of dancers, wearing fringe dresses, dancing the Tina Turner dance to Proud Mary. It was lovely.

I’m so sad that the show was only here for such a short time, I would have LOVED to see it again. If you ever get the chance, take it.

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  1. julie laughlin on

    did you dislike ryan as much as ashleigh? i think i did.

    i love pasha. he is perfect. i’m jealous you went cause it looks majorly awesome!

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