Are you up for an adventure?

Today we went to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park for our first adventure day of the new school year. It’s housed in a gorgeous building built in the 1870’s, and the plants are absolutely stunning. It’s kept warm and humid, which the kids had some uncomfortablility with, but once we showed them the “plants that eat bugs!” they were all over it. Every room we went into, they were looking for more carnivorous plants. And they did a great job finding them. My favorites were the aquatic plants- so amazing. I wish I’d taken more pictures in that room, they were so beautiful, but the girls were DONE by that point, so we went out and had lunch. My dad came with us, which was awesome. He and my mom used to take us to places like this when I was little, so it was fun to have him with us today.

Click on the pictures to make them bigger. (Not a ton bigger, but a little bit!)

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