At this moment

The girls are out on the balcony drawing on the chalkboard. They are cooperating and happy.

It is pretty chilly outside, but not enough that they’re complaining. The cool air coming in the door feels really nice.

Cape Verde music is coming through the speakers. I got a bunch of world music CDs from my mom (one of the perks of having a preschool teacher as a momma) and I’m trying to switch it up in the morning as the girls are playing. Some times it’s Disney princesses, some times it’s African lullabies. I figure it should be good for their brains, right? But I’m really liking this music today, it’s kind of slinky.

There is fabric everywhere. I’m aiming to have my etsy store open at the end of the week…. lots of sewing going on in these parts.

My breakfast is cooking. I’m having soft boiled eggs and sourdough toast. It’s probably my favorite breakfast ever after biscuits and gravy. I don’t make it all the time though, because 1) I don’t always have sourdough bread in the house, and 2) it takes¬† a while. My eggs have to cook for 7 minutes to be right. I’ve always heard soft boiled eggs referred to as “3 minute eggs”, but 3 minute eggs are vile, all runny and gross and barely even warm. 7 minutes gives them just the right amount of firmness vs. runniness.¬† And the eggs I just made, (they just finished) are pretty close to perfection. Yum.

Z just walked past and said, “This is neat music, momma”. Score 1 for me!

I need to decide what to do with the next 1/2 hr. Friends are coming over at 10:30 so the girls can play and the grownups can plan preschool… do I call my sister, sew, read, putter around the internet? So many lovely choices. Whichever I choose, I think hot chocolate is in order…

What’s going on with you at this moment?

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