At this moment

The girls are climbing on B while he tries in vain to get a couple more minutes of sleep. Tiny is dressed, Z is still wearing her ornage monkey pj’s that she got from a friend for her birthday.

The otherwise tidy living room is strewn with Cars, Wall-E, and Nemo comics.

2 loads of laundry are folded. I’m out of laundry soap.

It’s overcast and cold outside. We’re supposed to go swimming with our ward playgroup later today. I really hope it warms up.

I’m dreaming of fried eggs and toasted baguette.

I just made that dream come true. Woo hoo!

I may have just cooked the perfect “over-medium” egg. Yum.

I need to finish a baby blanket today (pictures to come, because the fabric is ADORABLE) and run by the store to get plates/cups/forks for a shower tomorrow. So many babies ’round these parts.

I just made a diaper for a stuffed Tigger out of a wide blue ribbon. Such is my skill.

I need to read today. I realized yesterday that I only finished 1 book in June, and that was at the beginning of the month. I’m in the middle of 3 or 4, you’d think I could finish one of them. (Although, I did finish 2 yesterday, but not any of those 3 or 4.)

The girls are speaking dolphin. It’s very squeaky. Z is trying to read this sentence as I type it. Which reminds me that we need to do her reading lesson this morning.  We’re also going to try out our new art book: Come Look with Me: Enjoying Art with Children which is awesome and I highly recommend to anyone with kids.

Off to get our day going. What’s going on at this moment where you are?

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