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Bread is kneading in the bread maker. I haven’t used my bread maker in way too long,  my attempts at  “handmade”  bread have all failed, and I am totally one for accepting my limitations (especially when it comes to kneading), so I got it out to love it some more.

Tiny is walking around carrying a giant Nemo over her head and saying “Rella cake? Rella cake?” over and over.  Apparently she thinks the bread maker is going to make her a Cinderella cake. She will be disappointed.

Z is sitting at the table coloring. She recently figured out how to draw flowers. She’s excited about that.

My cleaning schedule says that I’m supposed to clean my living room today. I should get on that.

I’m loving the words of a hymn we sang in Relief Society yesterday (Tiny went to nursery! Woo hoo!) – it’s hymn 285, God Moves In a Mysterious Way, and the second verse reached out and smacked me:

Ye fearful Saints, fresh courage take

The clouds ye so much dread

Are big with mercy and shall break

In blessings on your head.

Isn’t that SO lovely? I don’t remember ever hearing the hymn before, let alone singing it. We should sing it all the time!

Tiny is now dancing and singing along to All is Love from Where the Wild Things Are. We love that song around here.

Speaking of dancing, you should check out Miss Z and the moment she decided that the stage is her life :). The girls did such a great job, and were SO excited. All of the kids at the talent show were so confident and happy, it’s really so cool that kids so little have these opportunities to get up in front of people and perform.

I have a bunch of things to do this morning, and really all I want to do is lay around and finish Hamlet. I’ve decided that I’m rereading through Shakespeare’s plays this summer, and goodness, I’d forgotten how very much I love them. The language is just so gorgeous, (or “gorgois” as Mia Michaels would say) and so dang funny, even in the midst of the tragedies.

I totally love my Zutter Bind-it-all. Zoe just came over to me and said she wanted to make a book of the pictures that she’d just been drawing, and 2 minutes later:

I LOVE it.

Tiny just declared “Everybody Came” by Ambrosia Parsely her “fa-bit, momma! Fa-bit!”. Of course, 2 minutes ago she said the same thing about “I am a Paleontologist” , so what can I say, the girl has good taste.

I am going to go get my morning moving. We have an appointment at a  bounce house  later today. And no, that’s not some euphemism us losing our minds. I may have just sabotaged that intent however, because the Glee version of Alone just came on, which reminded me of Will and whatsername’s dance to it on SYTYCD, and now I MUST go watch that.  Here is is, watch it now!

What’s going on with you at this moment?

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