At this moment

It is gloomy outside.

The heater is on.

Z is laying in bed looking at books with her footie “jalamas” half on and half off. She’s been whiny since she woke up, and halfway through changing her clothes she hit superwhiny, so I asked her to lay back down until she didn’t feel whiny anymore. She may be in there a long time.

Tiny is listening to songs on her “radio” and playing with Handy Manny tools. She’s dressed.

It’s 7:45 and I’ve already been up for a long time today. I don’t want to think about how long, it will just make me more tired.

I’m  considering launching an attempt to buy new boots today. My quest for a new dress to wear to Wicked next week has been unsuccessful so far, but new boots with an old skirt and new top might do the trick.

I think I’m going to go play with my new Boogie Board. It’s the coolest thing ever.

What’s going on with you at this moment?

4 thoughts on “At this moment

  1. I’m at the computer working. It’s cloudy but I see the sun peek through now and again. It may be a nice day after all! I need to get one more coat of paint on my new sewing room and then Monday Larry can help me put the new wood baseboards on and I can move in! I hope to clean the carpets later today too if Nicholas is done with my carpet cleaner. I have a mountain of dishes to catch up on and Kaje’ is sick again with the bug. I sure hope it doesn’t course through the rest of us again! I’ve been up since 4:30 (usual work day morning time to get up). We should have had a chat!

  2. I’m sitting on my bed with my laptop trying to find something to do. But not trying too hard because I’m planning on closing the laptop and trying to take a nap while Mag watches the Spongebob movie and plays with his Buzz Lightyear doll. I also didn’t get a good night’s rest. Up for hours in the middle of the night and then up too early . I’m ready for bedtime, unfortunately we’ve got 8 more hours to go. I don’t think the kids will respond well if I put them down right now…

  3. Did you find the boots? I feel like I might need some new brown leather ones. Almost akin to cowboy boots, but much cooler.
    I think I need smaller calves though… maybe in the fall.

  4. Maryanne on

    Hilary, I did find boots. Cathy Jean at Valley Fair has a great sale going on right now- go check it out!!

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