File this under completely ridiculous:

The girls got a package from their Anti Christy yesterday. (Christy is not related to us by blood, but should be.)

It contained utter ridiculousness that only a special auntie could provide:

Homemade, crocheted mama and baby owls and penguins. These things are beyond completely adorable. But it didn’t stop there, oh no.

Little chicks (or as we’re calling them around here, chirpies) with removable egg shells.  (Except for that little guy on the end, he’s just an egg.)

Tiny immediately took to the chirpies, (although this picture is her hugging as many of the little guys as she can pick up, including the owls.) She would pick one up, hug it dramatically, and say “oooooooooh”.  She would NOT let them go, and ended up going to bed with the orange one shown in this picture.

Z immediately started role playing and acting out all kinds of adventures. She ended up sleeping with the mama penguin in a headlock. They were a spectacular hit, and such a wonderful present. We love Anti Christy!

And, just as a bonus, a ridiculous picture of Tiny with her ridiculous piggies:

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  1. Cindy on

    How absolutely adorable! This is really a fun and unique surprise plus I adore those piggy tails! Oh, if only Savannah’s hair was that thick and long! Aren’t friends the best?!

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