Yet again I have braved the madness of creating an Uberlist. An idea stolen from a friend of a friend, it consists of coming up with a to-do list for the coming year, containing the same number of items as the year it is.  (When it began in 1998 or so, there would have been 98 items on the list. This year there are 110.)  It’s brash and bold and I love it.  To quote whoever it was I stole the idea from:

“I think I only accomplish about 30% of the list in any given year (one year, I didn’t finish MAKING THE LIST) and generally by June there are a good 10 items that are no longer applicable or even desireable, but it’s a fun thing to have nonetheless, and it keeps me focused for the first few months of the year. Then I forget all about it until about, oh, say, NOVEMBER, at which point I scramble about trying to remember where I put last year’s list.”

I just looked over last year’s list, and I completed 49% of my items, which I’m pretty dang pleased about.

So here’s this year’s, in all it’s crazed glory. Some of the goals are edited because they concern surprises for people who read this blog. Go ahead and guess it’s you.  🙂

Phooey! It appears wordpress messed up all my numbering. Oh well. Just take my word for it, there’s 110 things on the list.


  1. Read 5 books from school shelf
  2. Read 50 books
  3. Read 10 education/child development books
  4. Reread Positive Discipline
  5. Collect books for Z and A’s library
  6. Participate in book club
  7. Re-read a childhood favorite
  8. Give hated book/author a second chance
  9. Read biography of Thomas S. Monson
  10. Write about books I read

Local attractions

  1. Go to beach
  2. Go to zoo
  3. Go to aquarium
  4. Go to Winchester Mystery house
  5. Go to Sky High


  1. Go camping
  2. Visit family in Utah
  3. Go on 3 getaway trips with B
  4. Go to the snow
  5. Go to Disneyland


  1. Go to temple
  2. Come up with a plan to STUDY the scriptures
  3. Follow it
  4. Read Old Testament
  5. Read New Testament
  6. Read Book of Mormon
  7. Read Doctrine and Covenants
  8. Get other scripture story books
  9. Renew Ensign subscription
  10. Go to enrichment each month
  11. Read Sunday school lessons ahead of time
  12. Read RS lessons ahead of time
  13. Meditate 5 minutes a day for a month


  1. Work on family history
  2. Visit teach regularly
  3. Write thank you notes
  4. Make something for ****
  5. Volunteer to help with activities

Personal development

  1. Meet 1 new sister each Sunday
  2. Revisit priorities each month
  3. Make a new friend
  4. Go to girls night out
  5. Get some new clothes
  6. Schedule regular time with ***
  7. Use Rosetta stone to practice Spanish
  8. Have 3 different couples over
  9. Sing more often
  10. Take a dance class


  1. Go to a musical
  2. Go to a play
  3. Go to tea with Liz
  4. Have date night once a month
  5. Try new music
  6. Get a manicure
  7. Get  a massage
  8. Get a sketchbook and draw nature


  1. Clear out side of room
  2. Get craft table
  3. Clear out Z’s closet
  4. Clear out B’s closet
  5. Clear out my closet
  6. Get shelving for closets
  7. Get outgrown clothes to Liz
  8. Get rid of maternity clothes
  1. Purge/organize fabric
  1. Organize cricut cartridges
  1. Organize scrapbook stuff
  2. Follow cleaning schedule
  3. Get rid of dead plants
  4. Get new plants
  5. Get carpets cleaned
  6. Repaint dining room wall
  7. Purge storage
  8. Get better organization for art supplies
  9. Get 72 hour kits stocked
  10. Purge bath toys and clean remaining


  1. Post 2 times a week to Martha
  2. Write 1st draft of Who Made the Monsters
  3. Write Christmas birds story
  4. Write in a journal once a week
  5. Submit a piece to Segullah


  1. Set workout goal
  2. Stick to workout goal
  3. Go to dentist
  4. Eat more fruits and veggies
  5. Get check up
  6. Get new toothbrush
  7. Get new glasses
  8. Get new contacts

Homemaking skills

  1. Try 12 new recipes
  2. Find healthier recipes
  3. Come up with a food budget and stick to it
  4. Make jam

Entrepreneur endeavors

  1. Create 3 items for Etsy store
  2. Post 3 items to Etsy store


  1. Catch up A’s scrapbook
  2. Catch up Z’s scrapbook
  3. Make quilt
  4. Make dad ****
  5. Make mom *****
  6. Make skirt
  7. Make something using a pattern
  8. Make puzzles for Z for Sacrament meeting


  1. Get z into dance class
  2. Plan and implement art project time
  3. Plan in more play time
  4. Regular and effective FHE
  5. Figure out next year preschool for Z
  6. Figure out next year preschool for A
  7. Teach Z primary songs

And I’ve already accomplished 4 of them! Go me!

What are your goals for this year?

4 thoughts on “UBERLIST 2010

  1. Cindy on

    My goal is to pray you complete goal #2 under trips, lol!! Actually I just have one goal and that’s to survive this next year in one piece.

  2. I think this is great. Just stuff you’d like to do. Written down. I’m a believer that believg is doing….

  3. Chris Unwin on

    Gosh, you remind me of your mom! Have fun!

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