Thanks giving Day 25: At this moment edition

I’m tired and not in a mental space to be deep, so here are the shallow things that I’m thankful for at this particular moment. (We should be thankful for the shallow things too, right?)

I’m thankful:

that Tabitha and Napoleon’s group number at the beginning of So You Think You Can Dance tonight more resembled a Shane Sparks, or even – gasp! – Wade number (I swear they borrowed heavily from his recent vocabulary) than their own. I thought it was quirky and quite nice. Not quite as nice as it would have been had it been actually choreographed by Wade, but what can you do?

that Ellenore did not get sent home. She is BRILLIANT. Seriously. Her Broadway routine last night was masterful. And don’t ask me about Ryan in it, I’ve watched it 3 times now, and I haven’t even thought to watch him once. She’s in a completely different league than almost everyone else there. If it doesn’t come down to her, Jakob, and Russell, there is much wrong with the world. Or perhaps just Nigel’s.

that Victor and Karen both DID get sent home. I’m tired of both their faces. I’ve been tired of their faces for a while now. Mind you, it’s not to the point that I HATE their faces, they don’t really merit that much attention, I’m just tired of them. So I’m glad they’re gone. And yes, I know I’m mean.

that not all of Adam Lambert’s new album sounds like the first couple songs I heard. I’m really liking Pick U Up and Fever, they have a touch of Queen, a touch of Prince, a touch of Aerosmith. Not enough of any of those, but I guess it is HIS album. The one complaint I do have is that for the most part the level on all the songs (at least those I like, I’m not so much a ballad girl) is high bombastic (yes, that’s a technical term. Don’t look at me for coherent music reviews, that’s not my gig) and so there’s nowhere to build to. When all of the sudden he busts out with an amazing moment, like the stunning note he hits at the end of the phrase “I need someone to be my lover” in Pick U Up, you almost miss it because it’s at the same level as everything else. I wish he’d taken a different page from Queen and not been so heavily orchestrated at every turn; his voice, which is awesome, gets lost in all of it. (And just for the record, I’m fairly sure the first couple of measures of If I Had You are just a slight riff on the beginning of Britney’s If U Seek Amy. (Ok, I just checked, and I’m totally right. It’s like Vanilla Ice going “dun dun dun DUN dun”, except it’s also a different key. And if you get that reference I totally love you.) (And yes, I’m embedding parenthesis. You have a problem with that?) And it’s a little too Cher for me. Not that I don’t adore Cher. Because I adore Cher.)

that I finished The White Garden by Stephanie Barron. I hit the point where I had to zoom through and finish it to find out what happened, totally sacrificing the boring (but I suppose important, I just didn’t care about the characters in question; ok, that’s not fair, I did, I just cared about a different element more) subplot to get through it. It’s working on the premise that Virginia Woolf didn’t commit suicide when everyone thought she did- that she ran to Vita Sackville-West instead. (This works because her body wasn’t found until weeks after she left her “suicide” notes.) I adore Virginia Woolf, and this was an interesting look at her, although I tend to see Virginia and her husband’s relationship in a different light, but I’m hardly a Woolf scholar, and prefer to imagine her having gotten some kind of solace from him. But anyway, it was really good. I recommend it.

that I’m almost done with Christmas shopping. My goal was to be done by Thanksgiving, and I’m not quite there, but close. Woo hoo!

that, (in contrast to Adam Lambert’s album), every single song on Brett Anderson’s new album is stunningly gorgeous and perfectly balanced. I LOVE this album, I could listen to it over and over and over. It’s probably one of my desert island albums. Don’t ask me what the others are, I’m in no mind to go into that now. But Purple Rain would be one of them. Or Sign O’ the Times. I don’t know.

that I have medicine to make my eyes stop hurting. Because they hurt.

for my bed. I’m going to be friends with it right now.

that you people read all my crazy rambling day after day and comment on it, as though I’m actually making sense. Your comments make me happy. 🙂

Goodnight, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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  1. You know who’s album is super good? Kris Allen’s. My music snob fiance LOVES it, which I’m thankful for. And you. I’m thankful for you. I need to see you more 🙂

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