Thanks giving Day 20: At this moment edition

Right now I’m thankful for:

Peppermint Peeps.  Yum!


That Tiny went back to sleep after waking up an hour into her nap.

Valerie, who gave me the idea to leave Tiny in her room when she woke up after an hour, to see if she’d go back to sleep.

That Z is taking a relatively quiet quiet time.

Brett Anderson’s new album, Slow Attack which is gorgeous and perfectly fits the moody weather today.

The lovely moody weather today.

And speaking of Brett Anderson, this song, which is one of the most heartbreaking and gorgeous songs in existence.

That story time went well today, despite the freezing weather, and for Becky, for providing her home.

For the internets, which make coming up with a list of potential Christmas presents so much easier.

That the girls didn’t notice me purging a bunch of unplayed with toys in preparation for said potential Christmas presents. (Anybody need baby toys in really good condition? Seriously, they’re great toys.)

The internets (again), for existing so I could find and watch this today. It’s a dance off! 🙂 (It speeds up around a minute in, give it time.) Fosse is the one in the black suit. Man, could he dance. The man was a genius. It just makes me grin to watch him. And then catch my breath. And then grin again.

And that I could discover this, which completely made my entire day. Heck, my entire week. And made me realize that Hugh Laurie kind of looks like Fred Astaire. And taught me that Julie Newmar was in a Fred Astaire movie. Who knew? (The Band Wagon, if you’re wondering.)

Ooh, and this. One of my favorite songs of all time. I heart Raul Esparza.

One thought on “Thanks giving Day 20: At this moment edition

  1. Ummm….
    Well, if you have any fabulously cute baby girl toys I might be interested. If it’s generic run of the mill,
    I might already have them baby toys then I’m out. 🙂 For instance, duplo legos. I could create my own home with them. Almost. 🙂

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