Some lists for Brandy

I usually don’t do these pass along listy things (OK, I do, but not often), but Brandy tagged me, and seeing as she is still recovering from a concussion that happened WEEKS ago (lesson: Don’t let a 50 lb. bulletin board fall on your head), I figured I’d give her something to read. 🙂

Five Things I Don’t Leave the House Without

1. Keys
2. Phone
3. Wallet
4. Diaper (Yes, even when going out by myself, there’s an emergency diaper in every bag I own)
5. Shoes
Five Cartoons I Watched When I Was Younger
1. Beverly Hills Teens (Yes, yes it is a video. Go now, Liz, go now.)
Five Things That Scare Me
1. Weird noises in the night while camping
2. Weird hacking noises coming from the girls’ room at night
3. Confrontation
4. The idea of something being in the mirror that’s not supposed to be
5. Super creepy images like the final scene of Blair Witch
Five Things I Hate/Dislike That Everyone Else Seems to Like
1. Watching organized sports
2. Playing organized sports
3. The whole Twillight franchise
4. Lobster
5. Studded ankle booties

Five Things I Want to do Before I Die

1. Visit Egypt
2. Learn how to play the piano
3. Go to Costa Rica
4. See a Broadway musical in NY
5. Have a book published

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