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at my house:
Zoe is watching Super Why. She LOVES Super Why with an obsessive love only equaled by her previous love for Curious George, Little Einsteins, Word World, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse… it seems she is quite fickle in her obsessive love. But still. She watches the same episodes over and over, and then acts out her own episodes, which is actually pretty dang cool. Her last made up episode consisted of Whyatt being scared, and them going into the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, where they made the bear go away by changing the words “It’s a bear!” to “It’s no bear”. Pretty clever if you ask me. And I love the fact that she’s getting indocrinated in the way of looking to books for answers to questions. That’s just awesome.

Tiny is practicing standing up. Hooray!

It is raining outside. We have to head out into the rain to go to preschool. Hopefully people have gotten all of the crazy rain driving out of their system already.

I’m trying to rework my household schedules to accommodate preschool, adventure days, and the fact that the girls are waking up later. I’m also trying to rework them to accommodate me actually, you know, following them. I’m not accustomed to schedules, and it’s an effort to make them work. But I know good will come of it, so I will work on it some more.

I’m still partly in my dream from last night, which consisted of meeting Mia Michaels (who was surprisingly kind and sweet) and B giving up his opportunity to dance with her company (a one time thing) to me. When I told B about the dream he laughed and said that wouldn’t be any kind of sacrifice, but in the dream it really was. In unfortunate news, I read yesterday that Mia Michaels is leaving So You Think You Can Dance, which makes me sad.

I’m reading and studying this talk: Being Temperate in All Things by Kent D. Watson this week. Feel free to read it too if you wish- I’ll post a book club post later today. I really need a LOT of help in this area, so comments and insights are so welcome.

I’m feeling a little off kilter. I got released from my calling as YW President a week or so ago, and while I’m feeling fine about the release, I realized that I’d gotten in the habit of my weeks going from Wednesday (when we had our YW activities)to Wednesday, and now my week doesn’t tilt that way any more. It’s kind of weird not having that kind of deadline now. I have a new calling but I haven’t been sustained yet (they haven’t been able to get a hold of the old person to release her), and while the new calling will change the axis of my week a little bit, it hasn’t started yet, so my week is still spinning a little free.

Time to head off to preschool and shopping, what’s going on in your house right now?

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