Of good report: Balcony edition

A while back my sister shared with me that she realized that she needed to make the areas that she looked at the most beautiful.  So she painted her laundry room a gorgeous blue, and it really is a very pleasant place to be now.  I realized that I need to do the same, and the area that I look at most is my balcony. It’s one of the reasons we chose this apartment — it’s big and spacy, but ends up being a storage area most of the time.  I’ve been working on it for a while (hence the garden), but today I made some big strides forward.  I moved the cooler and the big plastic bins to storage, and thanks to a visit from my dad and a trip to IKEA, we now have these:


an awesome chalkboard/whiteboard easel (that also takes paper for painting, but Z doesn’t know that yet- I have to get a piece of vinyl to put down under it first) and a gorgeous, huge “town” rug; one of those with streets and houses and an airport and all kinds of lovely things.

The rug will get rolled up in the evenings,  and not necessarily be out every day, but the concrete gets REALLY hot, and it will be nice for Tiny to have something to crawl on out there. Plus Z loves anything she can drive her cars around on.

Now I just need to make a long cushion for the three chairs that live out there instead of around our dining room table:


to transform them into a kind of bench, and get a little table so I can hang out there during naps.  And I want to get some plastic drawers to hold all of the porchy goodness toys – bubbles and sidewalk chalk and all of the supplies for the easel.

Does anyone know of any good winter growing plants? The time of the sunflowers is almost over, and I don’t know how long zinnias and marigolds last. It would be nice to have something growing out there during the next number of months. Ideas?

What’s making you happy today?

2 thoughts on “Of good report: Balcony edition

  1. I finished up the surprise for Zoe and Audrey and realized I’d made a huge mistake so I have to fix it, augh! I didn’t notice until it was completely done of course. I’ve worked on your surprise a bit. Sorry it’s taking me so long but we’ve gotten incredibly busy around here. Trav is taking out his endowments on Tuesday and so I’ll be spending today after work hemming his temple pants and putting Velcro on his clothing. I just can’t believe my eyes as I watch him turning into a man before them. I hope all is well. I love what you did with the balcony. I had a Little Tykes easel for years for my kids and it was definitely a favorite thing for them! They loved painting on it too. The carpet was a good idea too. I can’t help you with the plants but I’m sure Zoe will love whatever you plant for the winter! Me

  2. What a lovely play room for your girls; I’m envious.

    I’m happy today to be in love (!), planning my Sunday School lesson, and getting my car serviced by my gentleman friend 🙂 Life is boss…

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