Of good report

Things making me happy today:

It’s my Daddy’s birthday today. He is wonderful, and one of my most favorite people in the world. We went to visit him and bring him his presents, then ended up taking him to lunch. We had a wonderful time, and the girls loved playing at papa’s house.

White chocolate Reeses peanut butter cups. I know they sound like a total abomination, but they’re really good. Reeeeeallly good.

The fruits of harvest from my Daddy’s garden:


And the fruits of the first harvest of our little garden:


Tiny has started standing up (while holding on to things- she has yet to master the balance to stand on her own):


I haven’t measured, but I’m sure Z is getting taller. Doesn’t she look so long in this picture? She’s going to be tall and gorgeous like her Auntie Hayden.


Target’s new Halloween stuff. I won’t post a picture of everything we got today, because I don’t want to spoil the surprises at Z’s Halloween party, but check these out:100_4280

As is evidenced here, Z chose a monster theme for her party. She has named the above monsters Hinklesaurus, Pumpkin Patch, and CandyOren. (And yes, I gave in. The Halloween decorations have infiltrated the house.)

This picture. I love that Tiny looks like a little possessed child of the corn behind the pumpkin. Zoe took this picture, by the way.


What’s making you happy today?

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