Of good report

Things making me happy this evening:

Bruce just made me yummy tea and it made the horrible throat closing up feeling from being in an elevator previously occupied by someone wearing too much perfume and attempting to pass themselves off as a human shaped pear go away.

I got all of the adventure journals done for preschool, woohoo! (There are actually only 4 kids in the “preschool” part of what we’re doing, but another 2 are joining us for our adventure days.)


I made two albums that I will be posting soon on etsy.

The first is a fairy tale theme- I’d show the front but I’m not quite finished with it yet. But here are some pictures from inside.



The other isĀ  totally boho and I love it. I love the way the cover turned out, and the paper is just gorgeous. It’s from the Old World line, and it’s just so pretty.




I got to spend time (NOT enough!) with Brandy and Hilary on Saturday. It was so lovely to talk to them, they make me really happy. I love the insights I get from our discussions. Brandy gave me this awesome journal, I can’t decide what to plan in it first.


Apparently Z took a million pictures with my camera today. I’m writing this post while waiting for the accompanying pictures to load off of my camera, and I keep getting pictures of Tiny.


That’s it for now, well, my haunted Kindle is also making me happy- I’m about to go lay down and read my new book on time management. Woohoo!

What’s making you happy this evening?

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