And what have you done today?

Just in case you ever wondered what a 3 year old’s to-do list looks like:100_4109

In case any of those are hard to read:

Read book

Fix pants

Have bath

Have dinner

Have movie

Paint rocks

Have cupcakes

Make cupcakes

Write letter to England

(Some of those are not as random as they seem: two of her friends moved to England, hence the letter being written there, and a button came off of my pants earlier in the day and she asked to help fix it. )

And that was just the second half of the day. (The first half is here.)

What did you get done today?

4 thoughts on “And what have you done today?

  1. What book did you read?

    We had our adult school (I’m part of the education department at the prison) graduation today, and it was very moving. To see the (sadly very small) percentage of inmates who really do want to change up there being honored for getting their GED or completing a vocational program…it was really inspiring. I handed out programs and clapped for each inmate, and I felt like I was doing my (tiny) part to help rehabilitate them.

    It’s been a good day 🙂

  2. Maryanne on

    That’s awesome, Brandy!Isn’t it awesome to watch someone grow?

  3. I wish I’d known sooner in the day bz I would have changed her lists!! Today was my day off and I got some deep cleaning done. Ick, I stink! It’s amazing how fast it can get so dirty. Oh to be rich and have a cook and a maid!

  4. I like that “Fix pants” is on the list.

    I don’t need to know what that means, it just amuses me.

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