Of good report

Things making me happy this morning.

This new fabric line by the amazing Tula Pink. It’s called Hushabye, and like her other lines, there are animals hidden in the designs- the paisleys are actually owls, there are ducks and rabbits and dragonflies– SO CUTE.

I think I want to make Z and Tiny matching quilts – Z’s in blue (her favorite color) and Tiny’s in pink (seeing as she can’t claim a different favorite at this point.) And seeing as my package with my other fabric in it is still lost (stupid Post Office. Seriously, people, $70 worth of fabric! Gone!), I need a pretty new fabric to make me smile today.

I read this post back when it was originally posted, and I’m still thinking about it. Especially this comment 3 down, by Blue. I have to quote it here in it’s entirety, I hope she doesn’t mind.
“it’s possible for the quest for newness to become an insatiable appetite. when people quickly lose their sense of contentment with what they have, and seek to fill the fathomless void inside with the next new thing. new high scores on electronic games. new toys (for big and small kids). new clothes. new cosmetic surgery. new, unseen destinations. new relationships. it’s one of satan’s biggest ploys…this thirst for the next new thing.

contrast that with the feelings that come with renewing. working in a garden year after year, nurturing the tender plants of yesteryear back to life in the spring. the satisfaction gained from repairing or taking care of the things one already has. reconnecting with friends we haven’t seen in a long time. a hard-earned nap that rejuvenates the body. renewing our covenants to follow the savior each sunday. there’s a feeling that comes with renewal that is wholly different than the feeling we get when we seek to fill our lives with neverending newness. the trick is keeping a balance in our lives. appreciating the blessings we’ve received and not letting ourselves be distracted from what matters most in the relentless pursuit of “more”.”

There’s something majorly important in there for me, if only I can grasp it. I’m still working on it.

This flower of Zoe’s:

Isn’t it perfectly gorgeous? We transplanted all of her plants into bigger pots over the weekend, she really has a knack with them. She’s outside singing to them as I type.

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man. We watched it again last night, and if there was ever perfect casting in the film world, this was it. Goodness, he’s just fantastic. It makes me grin stupidly to think about it. 🙂

Now it’s time for a shower and getting the house ready for the cousins to come over to swim.

What’s making you happy this morning?

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  1. watching American Idol performances from their tour on You Tube 🙂 so happy…

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