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First of all, there’s a new video up on Z’s site of her and Audrey swimming. Go check it out.

This is my focus for the day, just thought I’d share.

“The best of us are not too good; we all of us might be better, and do better and enjoy life better, having more of the Spirit of the Lord in our own homes and in our own hearts, and do more to promote the welfare of all who come within our reach and influence. To serve the Lord is one of the great objects of our existence; and I appreciate as a great privilege the opportunity we enjoy of worshiping God on the Sabbath day. And when we do meet to worship God, I like to see us worship him with all our hearts. I think it altogether out of place on such occasions to hear people talk about secular things; these are times, above all others perhaps, when our feelings and affections should be drawn out towards God. If we sing praises to God, let us do it in the proper spirit; if we pray, let every soul be engaged in prayer, doing it with all our hearts, that through our union our spirits may be blended in one, that our prayers and our worship may be available with God, whose Spirit permeates all things, and is always present in the assemblies of good and faithful Saints.” – John Taylor

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  1. Cindy on

    Grandpa Adrain, Grandpa Darell’s dad. I don’t use last names on my blog so hopefully this will let you know. What were those stinkers putting on face book? Leave me a comment on my blog bz I’d love to know. It was a very good day and I’ll be doing several posts on it through the next week! I’ll come back and read this later as I’m at work right now!! Cindy

  2. Cindy on

    I answered you on my blog before I thought about coming over here! Sorry, but I’m too lazy to retype it, LOL! Actually I have to run to an appointment or I’d retype it here!

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