Of good report

Things making me happy this morning.

Take a quiet moment in your day and read this. I have no words for the beauty.

I just started reading Suffering Is Optional: Three Keys to Freedom and Joy
by Cheri Huber- it is absolutely fantastic. I’d love to do a book club with this book- anyone interested?

A while back a couple friends of friends of mine took on a 365 picture challenge- where they took a picture a day for a year. Inspired by the idea, I’m going to try to take a picture a day of something that I’m grateful for/brings me joy. Here are yesterday and today’s pictures. (I’m not necessarily going to post them every day — I can probably keep up the taking of the pictures, but committing to the posting of them may be too much.)



Toast. Warm, buttery toast. Need I say more?

Z is talking back to Ni Hao Kai Lan, answering all the questions and saying YES! when Kai Lan asked “We’re going to the beach, do you want to come too?”.

My new pet phrase from So You Think You Can Dance: “Don’t let the feathers upstage you.” Let it be your mantra for the day. I’m sure it will change your life. 🙂 We will not further discuss last night’s episode, however, because it was NOT of good report. SO. FRUSTRATING!!

We’re going swimming today, and then to the fabric store while we wait for maintenance to be done on the car. Yay for an excuse to go to the fabric store! And speaking of fabric, the package with my stash for the new project should be coming today. Hopefully we’ll be here to get it!

And lastly, the conversation I just had with Z:
“Momma, can I have some little marshmallows, please?”
“Sure, you can have one.” (Because, yes, I’m that kind of mom. What? She ate all her toast.)
“You can have one marshmallow.”
“You can have one marshmallow.”
“What? Two?”

What’s making you happy today?

3 thoughts on “Of good report

  1. Haha, that conversation sounds like my conversation with the DVR activation lady this afternoon:

    (her) “I can confirm that you have a blank screen…”

    (me) “Nope, no blank screen. It’s showing the news. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.”

    (her) “You are getting pre-programmed local channels. We will address that after we activate your system.”

    (me) “Okay.”

    (her) “I can confirm, then, that you have a blank screen…”

    (me) “Um, no, like I said…”

    (we had that exchange a couple times…)

    I might be in with the book. Let me know more details…

  2. Maryanne on

    Brandy, the only details are, let me know if you can get the book. If so, we’ll do like we did with Jesus the Christ- except these “chapters” are like 3 pages long, with an awareness or meditation exercise included. So we’d read a “chapter” and do the exercise each day for as long as that went.

    Let me know. 🙂 I think you’d LOVE the book. SO good.

  3. It looks awesome…it’s not at my library, so give me a week or so to pick it up, and then it’s on!

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