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I am tired. I was up at 5:30, getting Audrey out of her room so that Z could go back to sleep. It took some convincing to get her to do that, and Audrey was excited to be alive and awake. I was not. But she’s cute, so what can you do.

Zoe is out on the porch, playing the Winnie the Pooh song for her plants so they’ll grow better. They’re getting massive, so she must be onto something.

Audrey is taking a nap, thank goodness.

I’m torn between continuing to read Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh or The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf — I started reading the Voyage Out last night on my phone while waiting for the car wash, and hadn’t previously realized that it features the Dalloways from Mrs. Dalloway. Needless to say, I am in a state of rapture and bliss. Honestly, Virginia Woolf’s writing devastates me. Every sentence is perfection. Which is interesting, because Waugh’s are too, just in a completely different tone. But seriously, not a word out of place.

“Lightly and random though she spoke, her manner conveyed an extraordinary degree of sympathy and desire to befriend.”

Isn’t that just lovely?

And how cool is it that I can access the haunted Kindle on my phone? LOVE IT. B is the best for providing me with such wonderful toys. He and I were talking the other day about how we’re living in “the future”. TVs are an inch thick, everything is getting touch screens, laptops and haunted Kindles are basically Penny’s computer book from Inspector Gadget– there may not be flying cars, but this is the future!

I’m still thinking about So You Think You Can Dance from last night– either we completely lucked out, or this is going to be a really really good season. There’s barely any fodder (not quite as good dancers that you know are going to get cut the first couple episodes), and some of the dancers really surprised me.
My favorites from the evening?
Phillip blew me away- I know he had a partner, but see if you can watch her, you’ll just keep watching him. It’s so incredibly lovely. Jump to 1:47 to watch the actual dance.
Evan was incredible, his lines are gorgeous. (Jump to 2:00)
And Jason and Caitlin were breathtaking. (Jump to 2:00) Jason’s movements are so powerful but so light, it’s like he floats, like what he’s doing takes no effort whatsoever. And Caitlin is totally growing on me. I think she’s my favorite of the girls at the moment. And I swear I know Jason from somewhere, he looks SO familiar.

But my absolute favorite of the whole night? Adam Shankman. The man should be a full time judge in the place of yelly annoying Mary Murphy. I wish there was a montage of just his freaking out about the dancers, his passion for dance is so evident, and he’s so supportive and lovely. I want him as a life coach or something. He was cracking me up all night long.

And all I really needed to hear to know that it would be a great season? Just 9 little words from Wade Robson: “Conceptually, this piece is about two crash test dummies“. The man is a complete and utter wackadoo, and I love him. I wouldn’t say he’s a mad monkey genius, but he’s pretty dang close. (Go to 1:04 for the madness. Or just jump to 1:32 if you’re Bruce and just want to see Wade do the robot.)

Zoe. zoe

That was Z typing her name.

Now I’m off to get us all ready to go to a birthday party- Zoe’s friend who is the daughter of my best friend from 6th grade– does the world get any better than that?

What’s going on in your life at this moment?

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  1. Terry on

    You are right, all the dancers were fantastic last night and it’s hard to tell who will be going home. But, I’m gonna go ahead and guess Jonathan and Randi.
    I hope that we get to see more of Asuka and Brandon and Evan dancing in their own style. They are amazing!

  2. My aunt is always saying that she and her science fiction writer friends are bemused to be living in the stories they wrote in the 80’s, where we all drink bottled water and our cars talk to us…

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