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for any of you who, like me, wander around the internets hoping someone you know has a new blog post up.

I’m reading Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh. It’s hilarious. I love his books, they’re all so funny and full of horrible things happening to good people, but so good natured and “that’s just life, isn’t it crazy?” about it that you come away feeling better about everything.

We went to the library today and I got an armload of books. Well, 5. But that’s still good. I took a number back that were only partially read- apparently my technique of randomly grabbing slender books failed me that time ’round. This time was more thought out, I will report on the books as I read them.

Zoe is currently screaming intermittently from my room. She wants her nap to be over. It’s not.

Z got to play with my camera (or as she says “cramera”) this morning- these are the pictures she took.

That last one was taken at the duck pond behind the library.

Oh, an addendum, Z was not screaming because she wanted her nap to be over, she was screaming because she saw a ghost. Not really, obviously- she watched a Halloween episode of Word World this morning, and was pretending. But I figured I should set the record straight.

What else?

I have a whole manifesto about So You Think You Can Dance and how I think they should change the format, but I won’t subject you to that.

The plants that Z and I are growing are becoming quite spectacular, they’re a good 6 inches tall, which is pretty dang good considering I’m usually a death sentence for plants.

I need to make invitations for Z’s birthday party, I can’t believe she’s almost 3. And that Audrey will be a year old a month later. That’s just madness. I have a picture of Audrey with really silly pigtails, but I can’t post it at the moment because of the way this software handles pictures and I’d have to go back and change all the previous pictures, and well, I’m lazy. There you have it. But I’ll post the picture soon, if I remember. She has 2 more teeth poking through on the top of her mouth, which makes 5 now, with one more on the way. Go Tiny!

Have you seen the commercials for Public Enemies, the new Johnny Depp/ Christian Bale movie? I saw it and my heart just about stopped- who knew Johnny Depp still had that insane baby face under all the scraggly facial hair he’s been sporting for years now? Seriously, he looks like he did when he was on 21 Jump Street! Wow.

If you’re so inclined to watch something awesome, go check this out. It’s from the new production of West Side Story, and it’s so pretty. And I love Lin Manual Miranda who introduces the number. (It was at the Tonys.)
If you want to watch something hilarious, check this out. Also from the Tonys, it’s from Guys and Dolls. I seriously was laughing so hard no noise was coming out. You’ll know when you get there.

That’s all for now, feel free to share your own randomness if you wish.

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  1. Terry on

    Is Zoe getting her own cramera for her birthday? I would love to see the world from her perspective.

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