Because it always makes me smile

I present to you the words to The Song of Life, by Scribble Monster.

© 2007 Rrraargh! Music (BMI)
Words and music by James Dague
Sung by ScribbleJim

Every time that I play LIFE
I chose you to be my wife
We ride around in a plastic car
Tiny pegs are all we are

It doesn’t matter what job I find
You’re always there, you’re still my bride
Sometimes I teach, sometimes I write
A doctor, lawyer, it’s all alright

‘Cause I, love you
And I, love LIFE

We’ll buy a house and have some kids
No more that four or they won’t fit
Our girls are pink, the boys are blue
Our little girl looks just like you

We might be broke or might be rolling in dough
Where this road leads, I don’t know
It’s all a part of playing the game
I wouldn’t have it any other way

‘Cause I, love you
And I, love LIFE

How I, love you
And I, love LIFE

And on the day of reckoning,
I’ll spin the wheel, bet everything
It doesn’t matter if I win or lose
I always win when I’m with you

‘Cause I, love you
And I, love life

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