My pet peeve of the day

I try to keep it positive around here, but this always drives me crazy, and it’s getting to me again today.

When a website- especially one that wants you to purchase something from them- posts a picture with the option to enlarge the picture, but when you do, all it does it put the same size picture in a bigger, otherwise empty window. How is that in anyway helpful? Removing any other distractions or comparison points is not enlarging. Stupid liar cat.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled activities. Unless, of course, you would like to share your pet peeve of the day. Go for it! You might feel better.

3 thoughts on “My pet peeve of the day

  1. oh, that’s funny crap maryanne 🙂

    pet peeve…hmmm…i do hate it when inmates wait until i give the “5 minutes til we close” warning to make copies, get cases printed from the computer, or check out books, after having spent the previous 2 hours chatting with their “homeboys”…

  2. Kim H. on

    I have the same pet peeve! I have others, but right now the one you wrote is occupying all my annoyance buckets and I can’t think of any others. Give me a few minutes and I’ll interact with someone and be reminded of another….

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