In response to Brandy’s question about Dancing with the Stars

So, a couple posts back I talked about this season of Dancing with the Stars and Brandy commented:

“i figured, based on the names, that shawn johnson would do good, kinda like kristy the ice skater back there; cause what she usually does is similar to dancing. am i wrong?”

Here’s the deal with that, because I’ve actually given this whole thing a lot of though. (Before Brandy’s comment. I way over think these shows.) And I figured I’d give it its own post, because who knows if anyone’s even checking old comments, and it’s my blog and I can do what I want.

Previous contestants have attested to the fact that having figure skating or gymnastics or such training is actually a little bit of a detriment, because they have to unlearn the movements they know. For example, figure skaters push off with their feet differently than dancers do, and that’s something Kristi struggled with.

Shawn is going to be interesting to watch in a different way, because as she herself said when told by her partner that she needed to show her connection to the dance on her face, that she didn’t know how, because “in gymnastics, showing emotion is weakness”.

The reason I think she has a strong probability of winning is because she’s an Olympian. Previous seasons have shown that no one can compete with the Olympians. They know how to train, how to commit, how to focus. They’re used to pain, and to having coaches.

So I think she’ll overcome her “gymnast arms” and her plastered on smile, and could take home that hideous discoball trophy.

Because you all wanted to know. 🙂

One thought on “In response to Brandy’s question about Dancing with the Stars

  1. yeah, i can’t sleep…

    those are some quality points, maryanne. i just went and you tubed her performance, and i see what you mean about the gymnastics arms. she’s so fricken’ cute! i think she might be shorter than my mama, if that’s possible…

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