Randomness and Miscellany

I just misread something and had a moment where Nathan Fillion was going to be on Dancing with the Stars. He’s not. That was a good moment.

Why do I keep getting distracted from the book club books I’m supposed to be reading for the book club I created?

Seriously, I have like 15 books I want to be reading all at the same time. Almost none of them are for book club.

Wicked was amazing. Stunning. The costumes and choreography were gorgeous. Glinda was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a really long time. There was a part in the middle, when they’ve first arrived in the Emerald City that I’m pretty sure was referencing (visually) Rocky Horror Picture Show, what with the costumes and very pale faces and round sunglasses and crazy hair. If it’s true it was pretty awesome subliminal messaging that something deviant lies beneath the gorgeous exterior of Oz. It was just so so so dang good.

4 thoughts on “Randomness and Miscellany

  1. Maryanne on

    Maybe I should change the site to a place where everybody can just talk about what they’re reading and what they’re going to read, and then if people want to read stuff together they can? Take some of the pressure off?

  2. you know what? i was just thinking that today too! that way we can all just share our thoughts and find new books to read. i think that’s a great idea. ’cause seriously, confessions is super cool…

  3. Maryanne on

    Hmmmm… I will give some thought as to how to make that work. It’s kind of coming together in my head….

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