Of good report

Things making me happy today:

I made blueberry scones with Zoe this morning. They were delicious. I have some left over, so they will continue to be delicious.

I showed extraordinary restraint last night (if I do say so myself, and I do) and did not partake of the Krispy Kremes that were calling my name at play rehearsal. For those who don’t know, I’m forgoing sweets for Lent, and while I had one slip-up (on the first day, no less), I’ve done extremely well since then. And I’m observing some interesting things along the way…. (And in case anyone is wondering, no, Mormons don’t institutionally “do” Lent, but I decided it would be interesting to try this year- inspired to do so by the amazing Miss Brandy. And in fact, a number of my friends are doing it as well.) (FYI, scones do not count as sweets.)

My Johnny Be Good number for the Stake Play looks AMAZING!! I was quite literally jumping up and down and screaming and clapping last night watching it last night on the stage at rehearsal. The kids even messed up during one of the run-throughs, and covered it so well that no one noticed except for me. YAY!

I got to see my sister yesterday, after what seems like years. It’s probably only been a couple of weeks, but now that I think about it, might possibly have been a month. That’s just not ok. 🙂

I get to go see Wicked tomorrow! So excited! Will I be able to stop myself from singing in the theater? Will I bust out in convulsive sobs during Defying Gravity? (I’d lay big odds on one of those being no and the other being yes, and I’ll give you one guess which is which.)

*insert girliest most excited squeal you can imagine* Poking around on Youtube after finding the Wicked clip, I found this – NEIL PATRICK HARRIS AS MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so wish I could have seen him in Rent, his voice is so amazing. And he’s hilarious. This is so dang funny. You all should watch it. And for my sister: check this one out.

My birthday is in 9 days. Just in case you were wondering.

And perhaps the most goodly report of all:
ZOE PEED IN THE POTTY TWICE TODAY! Hallelujah! Progress! Slow progress perhaps, but progress nonetheless. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Of good report

  1. Yay Zoe!!!!!!! Potty training is so nice. It’s exciting.
    NPH is so great. I’m glad you posted those link. Now I feel like I ned to watch How I Met Your Mother. I wonder if they have any new episodes online yet. It’s been a few weeks…

  2. Muffin, did you know that Adam Lambert (on American Idol this season) has been in Wicked for the past few years? That is all…

  3. Kim H. on

    When is the performance of all your hard-working choreography skills going to take place? And for those of us who can’t make it, are you going to do a recording and post it on youtube?

    Also, your little lady and our little lady are neck to neck in the potty-training arena…only I bet yours will take to the toilet a bit better. Rachel used to get devastated when she had an “accident”, now it has become mundane. Last night she was eating dinner, mid bites she looks up and says casually that she peed her pants and then went back to eating. Grrrr. All of Kami’s boys took to potty-training quite nicely. This little girl is just annoying.

    Good luck with Zoe, I hope today is just as successful.

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