Jesus the Christ Chapter 31

Not a lot to say today, lots of screaming happening in my house while I type:

“Every sould is stamped with the image and superscription of God, however blurred and indistinct the line may have become through the corrosion or attrition of sin”. Love that.

All of the attempts to discredit Jesus or get Him to misspeak are really kind of sad.

I love the image of the whited sepulchres.

I think Jesus’ “Oh Jerusalem” speech is one of the most beautiful things ever.

“In the accounts kept by the recording angels, figured out according to the arithmetic of heaven, entries are made in terms of quality rather than of quantity, and values are determined on the basis of capability and intent.” Wow. That’s just awesome.

2 thoughts on “Jesus the Christ Chapter 31

  1. i was really struck by the following:

    “had israel but received her king, the world’s history of post-meridian time would never have been what it is.”

    really? but what about the atonement? christ had to die, right? this comes back to the whole will of god vs free will thing; could israel have accepted christ? really accepted him, as in not killed him?


  2. Maryanne on

    I think it’s the same as saying that the history of the world wouldn’t have been the same had Adam and Eve not partaken of the fruit. Yes it would have been, but that’s not what happened. Christ was sent when He was sent because the environment and atmosphere was such that the people would choose to crucify Him. They could have chosen differently, but God knew that they wouldn’t. And Him knowing that didn’t make it so, the people absolutely used their agency, He just knew it would happen.

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