Jesus the Christ Chapter 29

There’s so much in this chapter, but I’m feeling really under the weather and my thoughts aren’t really coming together. So I’ll just share this thought:

I feel bad for the Twelve- thinking all the time that Christ was going to act out as the physical Lord and King they knew Him to be, and to take over the throne. It must have been confusing and sad and so difficult when things went differently than they expected, even though Christ fulfilled every promise and did what He always said He would do.

Share your thoughts- make up for my lack. 🙂

One thought on “Jesus the Christ Chapter 29

  1. I was so impressed with Mary. She sits at her feet whenever possible, and she knows, somehow, that this evening with Him is almost the last, and she worships Him in this symbolic and personal and very tactile way. Beautiful.

    I also wonder about Jesus’ relationship with her family, which the Gospel writers are hedgy about…

    And now I’m caught up 🙂 I go to my Sunday nap with a clean conscience!

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