Jesus the Christ Chapter 20

Let’s just say this chapter was fitting for today and leave it at that.

How do you act on Christ’s admonition to be at peace, go in peace; peace, be still? It reminds me of the invitation to accept the Holy Ghost- sounds great but how exactly do you implement it? To hearken back to a series of conversations from years and years ago, how do you get from point A to point B? I think that peace and the Holy Ghost are intricately related, so one may aid with the other.

I’m hopefully heading for peaceful slumber- discuss and I’ll check in later. Or comment on anything else. 🙂

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  1. Hilary on

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately – trying to come to terms with feeling “out of control” of certain parts of my life. I often struggle with anxiety/depression of sorts and I’ve found through this trial period of my life that, for me, peace is largely connected to trust. I have trouble trusting people and therefore trouble trusting the Lord. But I have really gained such a firm testimony that the Lord IS aware of me and my every need and WILL provide me with all I need – whether it be this month’s rent or the washing machine to work, or a feeling of hope on a down day, or Adam to go back to sleep (eventually). 🙂 And I’m sure that the reason I’ve gained this testimony is that I have made diligent effort to try to do what He has commanded me to do and to find JOY in doing what He has asked me to do. Am I perfect at it? Heaven’s sakes NO! When I fail, do I try to pick up and move forward? Yes. This has allowed me to see His hand in my life more fully. And, this assurance that He knows me and will provide what I need if I do my part is what brings me moments of peace and allows me to have moments of stillness.
    I love you and thanks so much for doing this book club, even though I’m not reading the book, I’m gaining a lot from you discussions.

  2. Thanks for the link, Maryanne; my aunt and I were talking about how we both need to start our days with prayer and study (for me) and meditation (for her), or we don’t have a good day. She compared it to not showering, and feeling yucky.

    I loved your thoughts, Hil, and it reminded me of the note about the man with the dying/dead daughter: “He was in a state of frenzied grief, and still his faith held true.” So powerful, to hold onto the rod in those moments. Thanks for being such a great example to me of how to do that.

    Love you both 🙂

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