Disneyland Report (Probably part 1)

We got back from Disneyland this evening, and we are all exhausted. Before I conk out, however, I thought I would share some insights learned on this trip- things I never noticed about Disneyland before I went there with small children.

1) They do not serve quesadillas anywhere in the park. They probably do in California Adventure, but that’s not where we were when a quesadilla was required. You can, however, makeshift a decent one out of a kid’s bean and cheese burrito with no beans, although the cheese is not melty (due to the lack of hot beans). So now you know, in case you’re ever filled with the incredible need for a quesadilla at Disneyland. Also, quesadilla is a very odd looking word.

2)Pirates of the Caribbean is actually a pretty scary ride. The scariness can be overcome, however, by the enthusiastic repeating of the phrase, “Look, pirates!” over and over and over and over and over. (And a side note, I don’t like the addition of Jack Sparrow and all to the ride. Love Jack Sparrow, just don’t want him or his enemies, or his frenemies on my ride.)Zoe and Eyeore

3) Eyeore is the star of the park. Who knew? We went to the character breakfast, and while Z was excited to see Minnie and Pooh and Chip and Dale (surprisingly- she was really excited to see them, and I’m not so sure why), it was Eyeore that had her over the moon. And whoever is in that suit should get a raise, because he/she? must have spent a good ten minutes with her, dancing and playing, sitting down when Z pulled him over a chair, it was like she had found a long lost friend.

Zoe and Eyeore

4) The princesses are actually really cool. We went to the Princess lunch when we got there, and all the princesses came out, and man, their dresses are awesome! And they cast them all really well. And I’ll admit, when Cinderella came out (she was first) and I said “Zoe, look, there’s Cinderella!” I got a little choked up because I realized, to her, that WAS Cinderella. And how awesome is that? And she was so excited. (Cinderella is her favorite, and she was wearing her Cinderella dress.)


5) Best ride in the park? Teacups with daddy.


6) A kid, having only ever watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and seeing pictures of the princesses can have an incredible time at Disneyland. No movies required.


3 thoughts on “Disneyland Report (Probably part 1)

  1. awesome…i always loved Eeyore myself 🙂

    i have many exciting jesus the christ things to share, but must go to bed…will catch up posting tomorrow, i promise!

    love you!

  2. Cindy on

    Your girls are getting cuter all the time! Cinderella is my favorite too. My Uncle Marv (who is my hero) called me that to the day he passed away. I love Belle too (Brianna calls Savannah “Little Miss Belle.” Brianna also used to love Eyore and still has a big one that I guess is now Savannah’s! I would love to go back to Disneyland. I took the kids about 12 years ago and we had a blast. It’s the only time I’ve gone. I hope you do a part two bz I’d love to see Audrey and the rest of the family having fun there!

  3. Hilary on

    I’m glad you had fun! I always loved Eeyore too. I always felt bad that he was so sad. 🙂

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