Jesus the Christ Chapter 11

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Why do I love this sentence so much? “I am the voice of the one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord”. I don’t know, but I do.

I think it’s so neat that Christ was identified by the sign of the dove, and that Satan cannot replicate that sign- fascinating to ponder.

“Jesus, however, selected His own immediate associates: and, as He found them and discerned in them the spirits who, in their preexistent state had been chosen for the earthly mission of the apostleship, He summoned them.” Wow. Just, wow.

I find Talmage’s insight into Nathanael’s story really interesting. I wonder how many of the people around Christ believed Him solely because of the miracles or “supernatural” events they witnessed? We know a bunch did after the feeding of the five thousand- they came back just to get fed again. How often do we do that? How often does it take some big thing to shake us into remembrance instead of us just having steady faith in Christ?

I love love love the explanation of Christ’s calling Mary “Woman”- “To every son the mother ought to be preeminently the woman of women”. So lovely.

So interesting, having to do with turning the water to wine: “He, who but a few days before had revolted at the tempter’s suggestion that He provide bread for His impoverished body, not used His power to supply a luxury for others” . I find it really interesting that this was what He chose for His first miracle- not healing or something else. Something that could probably be discounted if one was so inclined; something that indicated that joy was important, not just survival; something to make His mom happy.

Also interesting: “The spiritual effect of miracles would be unattained were the witnesses not caused to inwardly wonder, marvel, ponder and inquire; mere surprise or amazement may be produced by deception and artful trickery.” Is it a stupid question to ask what the spiritual effect is supposed to be? Is it just recognizing the divinity of Christ, the power of God, or is there something else? Understanding that comes from application of a metaphor? Something else?

And so much good stuff in the notes.

2 thoughts on “Jesus the Christ Chapter 11

  1. I thought a lot about the spiritual effect of miracles, too, and what the difference is between a genuine miracle and a trick. All I can think is that the Spirit must be present, ready to witness, at a miracle. In John 2:11, in relation to the water into wine miracle, it says:

    This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.

    I think a miracle’s spiritual effect is to lead someone to belief on Christ.

  2. I also loved the explanation of Christ calling Mary Woman. I was in tears as he talked about calling her that while he was on the cross. I am seriously dreading reading the chapter about his crucifixion. I know I’m going to be an emotional nut case!

    Also I was really interested in the section about Man being a name for God, the Father. Therefore the Son of Man is very apt. It’s fun how you can take each word and put emphasis on it to make it have a different holy meaning.

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