Thoughts on the Golden Globes

– What has Rumer Willis ever done that shows that she is an “incredibly talented up and comer”? I mean, other than have super star parents, and unfortunately look more like her dad than her mom? (And he’s really an attractive man, but for a daughter to look like an attractive man…. )

– The little duck girl won? (Anna Paquin) Seriously? I’m going to have to check out her show, I thought it was just a bad Kindred knockoff. But she was up against Sally Field and that girl from Mad Men.

-Ricky Gervais kills. He shuuushed everybody and called them rude! I love it!

-I need to see Happy Go Lucky.

-SERIOUSLY! Why does that one little Jonas brother have straight hair while the other two are so cutely Ari and Uzi Tenenbaum-ing it? Won’t someone tell me? Won’t someone tell him?

-Ok, how cute was it that Glenn Close looked positively GIDDY when Johnny Depp came out? And how cute was he? And how insanely sweetly cute was Sally Hawkins? I love completely surprised, genuinely thankful thank you speeches. Those that aren’t all planned out in advance by people who assumed they were going to win- those by the people who knew they had absolutely no shot because they were up against fricken’ Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson and then they won and they’re on the stage with Johnny Depp and they’re just so amazed and grateful they can hardly speak. I love those.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Golden Globes

  1. ah-hem…my mama adores true blood (the duck girl’s show). and i loved sally hawkins in persuasion (did you see it?), and think i need to add happy go lucky to my list too. and what the heck are teen idols (tjb) doing at the golden globes anyway? isn’t that a show for grown ups? and a final oh, i think that miss golden globe is always an industry person’s kid…(sometimes a boy…)

  2. Terry on

    I agree about True Blood. They were selling it so hard at Comic Con that I naturally assumed it would be awful. But now it is on our Netflix list along with Happy go Lucky.

    Ricky Gervais rocks!

    TJB are making Disney a heck of a lot of money and since the Golden Globes is just a big product placement for celebrities…

    It seemed Jon was only watching when TJB or Zac Efron or Miley were on the screen. And then he would grumble out of the room again.

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