Jesus the Christ Chapter 5

A couple of thoughts inspired by this chapter ( I don’t really have a lot to say about the actual content of the chapter this time):

Do you think the early prophets/saints envied us living after Christ had lived on the Earth? Do you think they figured it would be so easy for everyone to believe, because, well, we’d know He had lived? I think about that sometimes- it would take a lot of faith to believe that someday a Savior would come, knowing that chances were good you’d die before it happened. Not more faith necessarily than believing that Jesus was the Christ and that He was who He said He was, but a lot of faith nonetheless.

The other thing I’m thinking about is offerings and sacrifice. As is made abundantly clear in Leviticus, the Israelites offered cows, goats, birds- in similitude of the sacrifice Christ would make. This post got me thinking about thanks offerings- and what I have to offer. And what the difference is between sacrifice and offering and consecration. Add into that Brandy’s reminding me about Little Miss Sunshine– and my favorite scene where Dwayne realizes that his sacrifice didn’t get him what he wanted, and in fact, never had the power to, and his reaction is so raw and honest. Then I wonder if his sacrifice really was for naught or if he learned something from it even though that wasn’t his intent. And the thoughts are all just spinning around, so any additional thoughts on the subject are quite welcome. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Jesus the Christ Chapter 5

  1. i really think, in reference to sacrifice, that my post about “thy will be done” applies here. dwayne was trying to make what he wanted happen on his own, but, like you said, he never could make that happen. i think about this in relation to my big desire that i can’t make happen, to get married and have children. as much as i want that, i can’t will that. this is the messy area of my life where i have to work on the principle that god has my in the palm of his hand. as is probably noticeable from my tone, i don’t always succeed in really believing that… i guess my point is that we need to offer sacrifice in gratitude for what god has done and will do, not in the spirit of trying to influence him. god is not an atm machine, as much as i want him to be one much of the time…

  2. Maryanne on

    Absolutely, Brandy. I guess where my questions lie is in the area of what to offer, what to sacrifice. Technically and from a symbolic point of view I understand the requirement for animal sacrifice from the Israelites, but at the same time it seems like an awful waste of life. I’m glad I didn’t live back then. But at least it was laid out back in the day. What to offer now? (Besides the whole broken heart and contrite spirit. We’re talking extra curricular here.)
    I’m horrible at fasting, and perhaps it’s because I’m not focusing on the gratitude part of it, I’m focusing on the ritual part– like Erre says in Jesus of Suburbia, I’m making too much of the religion aspect, and in so doing, it becomes an empty action. So I am doing it to try to influence God, not out of gratitude.
    So is it sacrificing will? Because you could go out and find some schmo and get married, but you’re not doing that. You’re submitting your will to God, and that is a sacrifice.
    Eh, my brain hurts.

  3. like you said, maryanne, prayer is reconciling our will to god’s will. my aunt would say it is acknowledging that we are not in control (she’s a 12 stepper). i think that when we do what the lord requires, whatever it may be, it is a sacrifice. fasting and tithing are god throwing us a bone, i think; making it easy for us to sacrifice. but i think it is harder to really sacrifice, to give our whole lives to god. it is true that when i don’t marry boys who are no bueno, i’m giving my life to god. but i make that sacrifice unwillingly sometimes, ’cause i want the perfect mormon boy to show up. i sacrifice resentfully.


    i got nothin’ maryanne. my brain hurts too.

  4. Maryanne on

    He’ll show up, babe, I know it.
    In the meantime, I think we should both sacrifice the rest of our evenings to sleep.
    Love you!

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