Jesus the Christ chapter 2

A couple things jumped out at me in this chapter, mainly, I think, because I just taught a lesson on the war in heaven on Sunday.

It’s interesting to me that both those who fought on the Lord’s side, and those who “refrained from active opposition” accomplished the purpose of their first estate. It was only those who actively worked against Heavenly Father who were ultimately cast out. The Lord gives us so much leeway- every opportunity to be on His side. I think he understands those who doubt, or who hesitate. It’s just when we come out in open rebellion that we’ve taken a step away.  In class we talked about that- about how the war in heaven wasn’t about convincing God- Satan wasn’t going to do that- but it was all about giving each and every person a fair chance to choose which way they were going to go.

This chapter also gave words to a concept I was coming to in class, which was that Satan’s plan only provided salvation, not exaltation.

What stood out to you?

On a different note, what do you do with the footnotes? Do you read them as they come up in the chapter, or at the end? I never notice them while I’m reading, so I just read them at the end.

2 thoughts on “Jesus the Christ chapter 2

  1. haha (regarding footnotes)–as a former history major, i am quite adept at foot notes, having dealt with them more than i would care to remember in school! i read them automatically, i think. i think they are helpful if you want to delve deeper into a theological point, but not necessary to get the gist of the story.

    i was also struck that apathy earned one a shot at earth life in the premortal life. apathy in this life, too, will get one a degree of glory, even if it is just the telestial kingdom. but the beauty, to me, of the gospel as taught by the church is that we can continue to grow and become more and more like god if we choose. and i choose to do that. i have no idea if i was a “spiritual warrior” in my first estate, but i hope to be one in my second.

    on a totally unrelated note, you ought to read the faith club, about the friendships between a muslim, christian, and jewish woman–awesome!

  2. Maryanne on

    Absolutely Brandy. I’m sure you were a spiritual warrior, I can’t see you sitting on that particular fence. 🙂 And I will add that book to the list. 🙂

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