Of good report, part 2

Things that are making me happy today:
Even though Zoe is boycotting her nap, she is hanging out in her crib somewhat quietly and not screaming to be set free upon an unsuspecting world.

If you ask Zoe what her “2nd name” is (her term for middle name) she will yell, “CALAMITY SNELL!”. (Well, more like, “Ca-ameee Snell”, but you get the picture.) Highly amusing.

Peanut butter fudge

We’re getting a new vacuum cleaner!

Finding old friends on Facebook

One of my good, good friends is moving into a house with a yard, so we can go over and let Zoe and Ben run free in an enclosed space while we talk! Hooray!

I get to see Hilary next week!

That I can only come up with a couple things for my Christmas wish list. That must mean I have most of the things I want, right?

My wonderful life, husband, and kids. I recently had a glimpse into what my life could have been if I had made some different choices, and man, did I dodge a couple of bullets.

The song Fast Monkey by Stevesongs. It’s a kid’s song, and it cracks me up. All I know is that I am, in fact, faster than a fast monkey.

The new Christmas album by Kristen Chenoweth. She’s so tiny and her voice is so big, you just have to love it.

That is all for now. At least all that I’m typing at the moment. What’s making you happy? Is there something making you happy that should be making me happy too, that you think I don’t know about? Tell me! I’d do the same for you!

3 thoughts on “Of good report, part 2

  1. as corny as it may sound, my lovely wife makes me happy.

  2. The album Funeral by Arcade Fire is making me happy, and ought to be making you happy…is it?

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