Of good report

An incomplete list of things that are making me quite happy recently:

The song Like A Friend by Pulp
The soundtrack to Tick Tick…..Boom. Utterly brilliant. I’d forgotten.
The end of the Office this last week. (Well, week before last. The one with the hugging.) Perfection.
Zoe singing Zippidee Doo Da and You are my Sunshine.
Zoe’s new found love of all things Halloween (with the exception of her pirate costume, but we won’t go into that here.)
Ana and Jack being in town.
Frozen grapes.
Audrey laughing.
That this season of Dancing with the Stars is quickly earning the name Dancing with Disaster. (Ok, so the massive number of injuries don’t make me happy, but the whole cumulative effect is rather funny. Although if Cloris Leachman dies or is seriously injured the funniness will be at an end and they should just give up the show for the season because apparently they’re cursed.)
Britney’s new single. Even though it smacks of the same crappy school of repetitive songwriting that Beyonce graduated from (honestly, it’s like they gave up part way through writing the chorus), it’s catchy, Brit sounds good, and I like it. Don’t love it, but like it, which is more than I can say for her last album.
Neil Patrick Harris. Because he should be on any list of things that bring joy.
The fact that Little Big Planet is actually out, and that B went and got it today. HOORAY!

3 thoughts on “Of good report

  1. bruce on

    now if only we can get some time to actually PLAY Little Big Planet 😉

  2. Your posts always make me laugh. you’re so cute!!! So I forgot the link to your cute kids blog. what was that address??? And also, does anyone else in your family have blogs?? I love seeing what you guys are up to since I NEVER get to see you in real life. 🙂

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