Some random things

The quilt is done. It turned out pretty cute, although I discovered last night that I did the binding completely and utterly wrong, but it works. I’m still afraid to put the whole thing in the washing machine, I have visions of it completely disintegrating. But I learned a lot and I’m up for doing another one, so that’s a good thing, right? Z loves it, and I will post pictures at some point.

This is really good. It will change the way I approach things for, oh, about an hour or so. (Let’s be completely honest here.)

If you’re so inclined, my friend and her babies could use some prayers. They were born 13 weeks early and in the month they’ve been alive have already had heart surgery and other drama inherent in being born that early. They’re stable now, but any prayers you can spare can only help. Their names are Kineta and Gerard, and their parents are Cheri and Paul. Thanks!

We’re off to get Z’s picture taken at the Gap Open Casting Call today. Hey, it’s something to do, right?

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