Well, whadda ya know

So it looks like I’m in labor. Feels like it too. Which is amusing seeing as just earlier today (I guess yesterday, actually, seeing as I went to sleep in between) we set an induction date of Friday for Miss “You’re not the boss of me”. More updates to follow.

4 thoughts on “Well, whadda ya know

  1. Kim H. on

    Yeah! Take it easy. This is so exciting. I have another cousin. Yippee.

  2. Dang, Kim beat me to it again!
    Feel free to come visit any time so we can babysit.

  3. WHUTT the DANG!
    You are in labor!
    Didn’t even know you were pregnant.
    Here is a list of things I will need:
    stats, pictures, gender, name, quick recap of the big day.
    Good luck guys. I will be reading…

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