They’re making a sequel to Hairspray? I guess I should be pleased that John Waters is writing it, and I do love Adam Shankman directing and choreographing, but A SEQUEL?

And if that wasn’t enough of a “what?”:
MTV is remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show?? If Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus are in it, it’s officially apocalypse time. Ok, wait, they could actually work as Brad and Janet. I wouldn’t watch it, but they could work, in a wrong and horrible way, seeing as she’s only 15 and all of her and Zac’s fans are, what, 12?

But with perhaps Steve Tyler as Frankenfurter, Alicia Keys as Magenta, maybe Rhianna as Columbia, it could at least be interesting. And if they got Raul Esparza from the Broadway production as Riff Raff (because he’s a small character, so they wouldn’t have to go with a huge MTV name there) I’d watch it regardless.

NO! I’ve got it! Make it a comeback vehicle for Britney Spears! You’d have ratings through the roof! Why doesn’t MTV pay me for these ideas? Why am I putting so much thought into this? I’ve got to go now.

PS. I just read that they’re using the original script with new music- as long as it’s the Broadway music, that’s fine; if it’s something else, all bets could be off.

4 thoughts on “……What?

  1. Whatever. They made Fellini’s 8 1/2 into a musical on Broadway and now they are making that into a movie, too. It’s called Nine, though I don’t know why and can’t be bothered to look it up. The movie was named numerically because it was his eighth solo directorial effort, the 1/2 was the film he co-directed his first time out; it’s a movie about not being able to write your movie. So, um, 9…?

    I die a little.

  2. All bets are off…why another remake? Just take all that talent and ability and create a new musical that is funky, quirky and annoying.

  3. I want to clarify a little: I will prob see this movie regardless 😀 and I LOVE the Britney Idea!

  4. This is just more proof that Hollywood is full of zombies.

    Well maybe not zombies, because that would be too cool, but at least a bunch of people who don’t have any original ideas and feel the need to remake every film that was either a.) a cult classic (doesn’t classic mean anything anymore??!!) and b.) marginally successful.

    Hello, may I introduce my husband Ben. He’s got some good ideas. Pay him money. Now.

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