Go, quick! Again!

Audrey Katana has yet to make an appearance (which is good because it’s not time for her to do that yet- another 3 weeks!) but B has her website up and running. (What? Zoe has one, Audrey gets one too!). Go check it out, mostly because it has a GORGEOUS drawing by the incredible Joelle Jones, commissioned specifically for the site. Joelle is one of the most talented artists working in comics right now, she has a skill at drawing expressions (both facial and with body language) that many artists never quite get, and don’t even realize they’re missing. She’s just amazing. I could gush about her all day.

On a related note, here is an amusing (at least to me) IM interchange between B and I that took place just after her site went up.
Bruce : my site looks like a hobo site now!
Maryanne: ?
Bruce : comparatively 🙂
Maryanne: ah
Maryanne: its more utilitarian
Bruce : so are hobos!
Maryanne: LOL
Maryanne: literally. laughing out loud
Bruce : then my work here is done

One thought on “Go, quick! Again!

  1. At the risk of repeating what I’ve already said on Bruce’s blog, I absolutely LOVE the new design. Is there a diagnosable complex for graphic design envy? ‘Cause I’ve got it.

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