Like mother, like daughter

There’s been some question in my mind recently as to whether Zoe was actually switched in the hospital at birth, due to her aversion to all things sweet. Cakes, candies, cookies- she wants none of them. Well, actually, she hasn’t had candy, and she loves the idea of cookies, just not actually eating them. But anyone who knows me knows that this is reason to question our genetic relation (my current stupid glucose intolerance notwithstanding.)

So it was a relief today when she proved beyond a doubt that she is my daughter – she almost ran into something in the supermarket because she was “reading” a book.

4 thoughts on “Like mother, like daughter

  1. I was just about to say that I haven’t ever known a kid who didn’t like sweet things… and then I remembered I did know one. Our neighbors in Kansas said their daughter didn’t like sugar in general and preferred healthy foods. The crazy part is: her name was Zoe! So maybe it’s a name thing…

  2. Maryanne on

    The thing is, she LOVES fruit, so I guess she doesn’t avoid all sweetness, just sugared sweetness. Which is bizarre to me.

    And- so weird about the other Zoe! Maybe you’re right, we should find some other Zoe’s!

  3. Becky S. on

    We just had one little cute Zoe move into our ward this last week. I will ask her first chance I get next Sunday! There has got to be a reason for this bizarre phenomenon.

  4. Funny! Ah well, she is better off feeding her brain with b00ks than her sweet t00th with candy. I hear the fast tromping of toddler feet from the kitchen to the bedroom and then know Isaac has made a B line from the cookie bowl to the secret seclusion of under his bed covers.
    Post a picture of your girl sometime…I have never seen her!
    Take care you. Tell B hi 4 me.

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