Your Kindle Questions

So Ben and Kim both asked questions about the Kindle in their comments to my previous post, and I figured I’d just answer them in a new post.

Kim, or as I call her in my head, Kimmy Kim Kim, asks: “Do you feel like curling up with a good Kindle on the couch?”

I do! The Kindle itself is rectangular, but it comes with a cover that fits over and around it like a book cover, so when you open it out it feels like you’re looking at the right hand page of an open book. With the cover, it’s the size of a medium size paperback book, larger than this, smaller than this, right about this size. (I realize I could have just measured, but that would mean finding a ruler, and holding it up against other books and then finding those books on Amazon somehow seemed like less work.)

It’s very comfortable to hold, and once you get used to keeping your right index finger from accidentally hitting the “next page” button (which is a pretty quick and painless thing to learn), it really does feel like reading a book. I thought that the not turning pages thing would bother me, but it doesn’t. Luckily the font it uses is one that I like, and although the font size is just right for me, it’s adjustable if that’s a problem. So overall, it really functions like a book for me.

Ben asks: “How is it in lowlight?”

Just like a regular book. One of the major selling points of the Kindle is that it uses electronic ink and no back light- so you don’t strain your eyes reading. In that way it physically feels like reading a book, I can read for hours without my eyes hurting. That does mean though, that if the light in the room is low, you’re going to have trouble seeing, just like with a normal book.

Ben also says: “I so want one!”

If you decide to get one, Ben, or anyone else, please go to Amazon to buy one using this link. Or the link in the previous post, or the search box on the left side of the blog. If you do, I get a major kickback, and that would be super nice and I’d be your best friend forever. And you’d have a Kindle, so we pretty much all win. (PS. It’s not just the Kindle- if you buy anything through those links I get a little kickback, so if you buy from Amazon, please consider using the links!)

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